An Overview of our Parish

The Parish is made up of the villages of Barmston and Fraisthorpe together with several outlying farms.

Evidence exists for some form of settlement on the site of the Barmston Drain going back to the bronze age and both Barmston (in its own right) and Fraisthorpe (as part of the Carnaby Parish) were mentioned in the Domesday Survey of 1086.

In Barmston, there is evidence that a church existed on the site of All Saints' Church back in the 12th century and some of the structure of the current building dates back to that period. There are several other old and interesting buildings which add to the charm of the village environment.

A not insignificant amount of the coastline together with a number of properties and other structures have been lost to coastal erosion.     

Both villages are situated off the main Beverley to Bridlington road, the A165. Much of the Parish is farmland.

The village amenities include a public house and an Italian Restaurant in Barmston with none in Fraisthorpe.  There are two churches in Barmston, All Saints' Church and Barmston Methodist Church.

Holiday homes and caravans also play an important part in the two villages with various camping, caravanning and holiday parks.

The Village Hall, serving both communities, provides a venue for various activities enjoyed not only by parishioners, but also by residents of the surrounding area and visiting holiday makers.


The Millennium Stone

Unveiled on 1st January 2000, The Millennium Stone indicates the distanced the stone was, at the time, from the coast.

To indicate the effects of coastal erosion, the stone will be engraved periodically to show the latest distance from the coast, thus indicating the effect that coastal erosion is having on the East Yorkshire coastline.

More information can be found on the East Yorkshire Coastal Erosion Website which provides detailed measurement at various locations along the coast.